“High School Physics”

“Facts On Friction” – Brought To You By Chevy

Here it is. Everything you wanted to know about how friction worked in 1934.  It works differently now (nope) so this is a look at science before we figured out how to make our eyes see in color.  This is another one of those fun old educational videos manufacturers and ed-tech companies released back in the day that helped consumers and nuclear children understand how the world around them works, especially with cars.

So, if you care about how you’re dated drum brake system works, or how your 1934 bias-ply tires stick to the pavement, check out the video below.

“How A Gasoline Engine Works” (1941)

Here’s an old educational video Chevy produced in the ’40s that explains the basics of how an engine works. Much of this information is still relevant too!  Check it out:



Engines haven’t changed much since their early days.  Sure, there’s been the addition  of forced induction, fuel injection, and hybrid power systems; but the basic mechanics are still basically the same.  I have an old textbook from the University of Wisconsin Madison from the 1915 called “The Gasoline Automobile” that I regularly flip through. Its a fantastic look into the past when supercharging was a new technology for production cars and wooden frames were the norm.

The Sounds of Amelia Island

Lancia S4


Bugatti Startup


Lamborghini 350GT


Abarth Prototype


1909 Grand Prix Car