It Just Makes Cents

Beaters are better.  It’s hard to explain why most of the time. Sure newer cars aren’t smelly, they don’t break down or fall apart or rust out from underneath you.  But, they’re just better.  Most beaters are paid for with cold hard cash.  I can’t think of anyone that takes out an interest laden loan for a piece of crap they found sitting next to a mobile home or out in a field.

They’re cheap and, more often than not, more reliable than they look.  How many cheap-car challenges on shows like Top Gear show pieces of crap surprising the hosts with their reliability long after they should have expired?  Have you watched the show Roadkill? It’s a love story about Beaters. Most beaters, when they do break, are relatively easy to repair for not a lot of Benjamins.

Yeah yeah, so you don’t get a fancy schmancy 100,000mi powertrain warranty with your creaky $200 Chevy Corsica, but it’s cheap and with a little bit of effort it’ll get you where you’re going for quite a while.

Financial blogs re-affirm everything we’ve been saying for a while, Beaters are better. Check out what Hull Financial Planning has to say about driving a beater HERE.

It’s In The Name

Many manufacturers have practically useless and stupid trim options available. I would love to say that this is a recent occurrence but to be honest it has been happening since the beginning of time.  Some of my favorite Useless Trim Levels  are the “Splash” edition of the Ford Ranger, that whole thing Mazda did with their Millenia “Millennium” edition ( I’m sure they thought they were clever) and the Chevy “Xtreme” line of Blazers and S10s.  These were all obnoxious and badly aimed a very specific niche market.  It makes them look stupid, and I’m not afraid to say that I judge many of the people I see driving any of these cars that still have their trim badges on display.  I similarly judge guys that don’t wear helmets while riding motorcycles but that rant is for another pint of beer.

I similarly judge guys that don’t wear helmets while riding motorcycles but that rant is for another pint of beer.

Really it all boils down to trying to take advantage of the consumer, YAY MARKETING!!!  However, did any of these hokey pokey trim levels actually produce something good?  There was a time when Super Bee meant something on a Dodge now, not so much.  Remember the 1970’s when every car had a name or wonky trim level? The Judge (badass I know)? Little Red?  Those were good, right?  So, what happened? Where did beater manufacturers stop adding features and started slapping on a shiny sticker or badge and calling it a day? Why did VW make us buy the Wolfsburg Edition?!?!?!

So, I leave it up to everyone else out there, What is the worst named Trim level on a Beater? 

My vote, Eddie Bauer Ford Explorers.  I mean, come on right?

New Datsun Old Datsun

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” – Chuck Dickens

I’m not entirely sure how that works into this post or the upcoming video by Petrolicious, but I like it and it fits (maybe?).  Regardless of my efforts to find deep meaning and highlight the obvious juxtaposition here,  this is a great video.  It a video that, I think reflects part of what is great about Beater Life.

“Every car has a story, not just the pretty ones” has been our motto from Day 1. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Saab, and Angry Sofa or a Ferrari or sick Datsun like the one in the video, if it’s got a story, if it’s used , loved , and beat on, we’ll love it!

Petrolcious, which is one of my personal favorite blogs to watch, usually produces videos about concourse level cars that you will only see at Amelia Island or Pebble Beach, but every once in a while they put something out that’s pretty relatable. They’ve done their fair share of BMW 2002’s and Alfa’s, but this one from their archives is one of my absolute favorites.

Check it out: