It Just Makes Cents

Beaters are better.  It’s hard to explain why most of the time. Sure newer cars aren’t smelly, they don’t break down or fall apart or rust out from underneath you.  But, they’re just better.  Most beaters are paid for with cold hard cash.  I can’t think of anyone that takes out an interest laden loan for a piece of crap they found sitting next to a mobile home or out in a field.

They’re cheap and, more often than not, more reliable than they look.  How many cheap-car challenges on shows like Top Gear show pieces of crap surprising the hosts with their reliability long after they should have expired?  Have you watched the show Roadkill? It’s a love story about Beaters. Most beaters, when they do break, are relatively easy to repair for not a lot of Benjamins.

Yeah yeah, so you don’t get a fancy schmancy 100,000mi powertrain warranty with your creaky $200 Chevy Corsica, but it’s cheap and with a little bit of effort it’ll get you where you’re going for quite a while.

Financial blogs re-affirm everything we’ve been saying for a while, Beaters are better. Check out what Hull Financial Planning has to say about driving a beater HERE.