For The Love Of Chicken Wings

Wherein, Matt Farah drunk-buys a CRX for $500:

I don’t think this one needs much more explanation.  I mean I’ve bought weird stuff shopping Amazon after a late night out at the bar too. So, is this really that bad?  At least it’s a beater we love!

History Lesson: Honda Accord/Rover 800

Honda’s Accord is a pretty prolific car. It seems like everyone and their mother has owned either a Honda Accord or a Toyota Corolla (or both!). The accord was cheap to buy, cheap to own, reliable and was regularly gifted as a hand-me-down to eager high schoolers looking for their first car.

The reliability of these beaters meant they ran forever. Those high school cars turned into college cars. They soaked up road trips and party fouls like champs.  They easily fit entire dorm rooms and moved them across the country.  The Honda Accord was a faithful and loyal dog of a car.  It seems like they can’t be destroyed, and if they were, someone ad the parts to fix them cheaply.

Honda Accord

Honda V-TECH-ized the Accord’s 4 and 6 cylinder engines to create fun and sporty variants that enthusiasts ate up. Over time Accord fans started modifying the little suckers and turned them into some pretty impressive and fast machines.

Honda’s Accord is a classic example of a long lived, and well loved beater. It’s cheap. It’s economical. It’s reliable, and there’s a solid aftermarket willing to supply not only replacements but high performance parts as well. If ever there was a Beater Hall of Fame the Accord would certainly be inducted with the pomp and circumstance it has earned over the years.

If your curious about where the prolific and iconic Accord came from and the story behind it Ate Up With Motor’s Bridging The Gap has probably the most comprehensive documentation on the web.

Check it out in the link below:


Bridging the Gap: The Honda / Acura Legend and Rover 800

Japanese cars have a reputation for appliance-like reliability, but are often criticized (fairly or not) for lacking character. Character is a quality of which British cars have rarely been short, but dependability is quite another matter. In the early eighties, Honda and Rover decided to collaborate on two shared-platform luxury cars that promised to bridge that gap: the 1986–1990 Honda / Acura Legend and 1986–1999 Rover 800 (a.k.a. Sterling 800). The long and complicated story of how that project came about and what became of it is our subject in this installment of Ate Up With Motor.

1989 Sterling 827SLi five-door Rover decklid badge © 2014 Aaron Severson



(Source: Bridging the Gap: The Honda / Acura Legend and Rover 800 – Ate Up With Motor)