R.I.P. Beater.

It has finally happened. Dan Spinali’s Sentra has gone to the Big Garage In The Sky.  A few days ago he posted pics of the sticker-encrusted ( I’m pretty sure those things held it together) Sentra. Along with those pics, we learned that his Sentra could no longer keep it together, literally. It had become more costly to keep on the road than what it was worth.

As much as we love our beaters, there comes a time to let go and put the wrenches away.  Its not always easy. More often than not it feels like saying goodbye to a good friend, much like a family pet.  It’s hard, it was a reliable and steady part of your life for quite some time. Take those memories and those adventures and use them as a reference to some new adventures in the next beater you get. Go buy another tossed-aside crap can and get back out there! Bounce the new beater off of other beaters and mailboxes. Smokescreen your way to work. Leave oil slicks down the highway  and pretend like your James Bond!

Dan left us with some final words:

Thanks for all the fun posts and the free stickers!

Sadly today was my last morning with my beater. 15 years parked outside in Canada took a toll on it, and the cost to repair outweighed the value of the car a long time ago.

15 years, 2 owners (myself and my grandfather), and only 130125 km.

You’re most definitely welcome Dan! We can’t wait to see what your next beater is gonna be (even if it is something shiny and new).

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