I Told You So!

Wait for it…

Here’as another ranting about my old POS Sentra. Well, maybe not a ranting, but certainly  another applause for how stout that little econobox was. Part of what Beaters great, part of what gives them personality, is their seemingly god-like ability to keep running even after we have tried our best, as humans to defeat their engineering.

There’s a new set of YouTube videos I”ve been watching lately. It’s not junkyard startups this time; its a bunch of guys mercilessly beating on crap-cans they find for cheap. In the end, it usually involves them dry-spraying the little turds with ungodly amounts of silly gas.  It’s a sort of sadistic pleasure that is only missing a gimp-suit but, damn is it entertaining.

Watching people destroy beaters is somehow more entertaining than watching people bring them back to life. I don’t know why, but it is. We shared a video to our FB page last week that showed these guys spraying the crap out of an old Mitsubishi. This video, along with the one about the Mitsubishi, shows just how much abuse many of these little Beaters can take before they give in.  That’s not to say you should go out of your way to beat them up on a daily basis, but a little flogging never hurt anyone.


I spark knocked my Sentra past 300k miles and 2k of that was without oil!  These guys cut, bashed and sprayed their to 125hp (dry shot too!) and it still chugged to life.  Yet another example of a Sentra that wouldn’t die.  Gotta love it…

Check it out:

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