Rust Collection

Every once in a while you guys suprise the hell out of us.  Every once in a while we get a submission of a Saab, a sweet Impala, or in this case a Ford Taurus SHO and Mercury Capri and we lose our collective minds.  When we started talking with Nick we were expecting the usual single-beater post.  Then his submission came in and we found ourselves with a collection.

We spent a good two days trying to figure out how to break this up into several posts.  Gutlass then SHO?  Gutlass and SHO then Capri? It just wasn’t going to work. We had to share them all.

Here’s another Beater Feature from our Canadian brother, Nick:

Number One

I’ll start with my daily driver, a 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham Sedan. Bodied by Fisher. Also known as the Gutlass.
gutless 1
I got the car from a friend and fellow Oppositelock reader back in August for the grand sum of,  $0. He was moving out of town and just wanted the car gone, but not crushed. So I borrowed a pickup truck and a car dolly and made the 3 hour trek to Guelph Ontario from Kingston. The tow home was uneventful excepting the time I got caught on the Don Valley Parkway. At rush hour. Towing a 4000 pound sedan. With no trailer lights because the fuse popped on the way up there and I had no spares. A stop at a friends in Toronto was a welcome rest.
Guelph To Kingston
The car is powered by a 305 cubic inch Chevrolet small-block mated to a THM 200 (weak sauce) three speed automatic. I’m slowly fixing leaks and killing rust, though there was surprisingly little for a 32 year old Canadian car. Just the standard rotten dog leg that every single G body ever made has, and a little cancer in the wheel arch on the right front that you can see in the picture above. I still have the original wire hubcaps, I even have the factory tool to get them off. These (442? Rallye?) wheels came with  the car so I cleaned them up slapped a coat of paint on them and voila.
The next step is to do a dirtball rebuild on a 4 bolt main 350 that I got for $200 out of a ’72 Chevy truck and install it so i can shatter that flimsy transmission and find a beefier transmission. A 700-R4 would be nice so I can have the overdrive 4th gear.
And maybe some shocks.



Here’s my 1991 Ford Taurus SHO.
shoe 2
 To be more specific this is a 1991 SHO MTX (manual transaxle) with the ‘Plus’ package (just badging and some extra trim here and there) in Deep Jewel Green Metallic with black leather interior. Apparently that makes this a bit of a rare car, 1 of somewhere around 30 optioned this way in 91.
I didn’t find out about that until after I’d bought the car, I only payed $400 for it so that’ll give you a hint as to what kind of shape it was in, but initially I never intended to put the car on the road, it was supposed to be an engine donor for my third vehicle that I’ll get to in a second. But being the sloppy emotional dates us car guys are, I got attached to the car and thus I spent nearly 2 grand rebuilding the brakes and suspension. Whoops.
But I’m getting ahead of myself. The best part of this story so far is what happened when I finally went to pick up the car. So I had bought the car off Craigslist where dude had it advertised for $600 US. I convinced my father, an ex military Vehicle Tech and a damn good shade tree mechanic in his own right, I’ll leave a picture or two of his current projects down below, to come along to look at the car. In the end I beat the guy down to $400 and agreed to come pick up the car in a couple weeks once the customs paper work cleared. So we wait, and three days before we go to get the car, my mother mails away my passport. Which is a problem because I live in Canada an the car was 2 hours away in upstate New York. The perils of freeloading off your parents.
Now, somehow all this time the dude selling us the car failed to mention that the car had no brakes what so ever. We never thought to ask. So because of the passport debacle, my father and one of his friends went to pick up the car for me. Great. They get down there and the previous owner wants his after market wheels off the car, fine, he gave me a set of the factory 16″ Slicers. Pull the car in his garage, swap the tires and be on our way, easy right? NOPE. Since the car had no brakes and the drive way sloped towards the garage, it rolled right into the door frame. That’s the first oops.
The second oops, and the one I’m still trying to fix, came last October while I was leaving work. I was making a U-turn to leave the parking lot when the steering jammed, either broke the rack or the k-member broke, and it steered me straight on into a steel fence post. I have found a fellow in Wisconsin who has what I need, I just need to get it.  So it sits. Waiting.
Time for specs. This SHO is the last year of the “Gen 1” pre face lift cars, so it is packing a 225 horsepower 3.0l Yamaha developed dual overhead cam V6 that screams up to its 7200 rpm redline like a motorcycle. Makes sense considering the Yamaha connection. The cool thing about this engine is that Yamaha guaranteed the engine to survive speeds up to 10,000 RPM! The only reason that its pegged back is that Ford couldn’t figure out how to keep serpentine belts on it. Underneath the car is pretty much stock with the exception of a trunk mounted battery and some subframe connectors.
Here’s my 1977 Capri. Sold through Mercury dealerships in North America, every one of the left hand drive models was built in Cologne Germany by Ford, and sold as Fords over the Atlantic.
The car is a basket case. Someone pulled the engine, a 2.8 V6 and 4 speed stick for a TVR replica as I understand, so its nothing but a roller right now. Plans are in the works to drop in a 2.0 litre Cologne V6 super charged with an Eaton Gen V blower from a mid nineties Pontiac GTP. But that’s down to road a ways yet. This was where that SHO V6 was supposed to end up originally.  Oh well.

Here’s some pictures of the Old man’s cars.

camonio 6
Here we have a 1970 Ford Ranchero GT, a factory GT  speed car/truck/thing with a 351 Cleveland living under the hood. Its currently being reassembled after paint.
van 7
And this is a 1989 Ford E-250 converted to a 4×4 by Quigley 4×4 for Bell Canada for use as a line service truck. The Hotwheels paint job is courtesy of the last owner, an avid Hotwheels collector. And yes, that’s a 10’000 pound Warn winch on the bumper. Its powered by a fuel injected 302 V8 backed by an AOD automatic running to a FarmBro 2 speed transfer case and a Ford 10.25″ rear axle and a Dana 44 front axle.
capri 8
And this is the family heirloom. A 1975 Ford Capri II John Player Special. This is number 46 of 50 built in 1975 for the German Touring Car series, and is currently powered by a 2.8 cologne V6 that’s boosted to over 300hp by way of an ancient Garrett turbo lifted from a Scania truck! 300 horses motivates this 2200 pound car pretty damn good.

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