Jumping A Datsun



There’s just something about Datsuns that makes you smile when you see. one. They’re cheap to purchase, cheap to maintain and cheap to get rid of. If you have gotten lucky and your Datsun hasn’t rusted out underneath you, they’re pretty stout little things. By no means are they an old Impala, but they’ll “Take a licking and keep ticking” as it were.

Old Datsun 720 trucks are a sort of guilty pleasure of mine. I’ve owned an old Z-car, and have lusted after countless 510 coupes and wagons over the years but something about the 720 and lesser trucks speak to me.  They were simple and honest.  They were a truck. That’s all they were. That’s all Nissan Datsun wanted them to be.

Without a doubt the pickup is the semi-official car of North America.  Like an old Toyota Corolla, everybody has owned a pickup at one point. You can still get a basic pickup but those are usually made for fleet auctions and bulk sales instead of the basic dealership consumer. That’s where we lose the simplicity of the old Datsun.  farmers truck are behemoths. They’re complicated, massive beasts that can run as much as $80k or more once you get trigger happy with with options boxes.

Have we lost touch with the simplicity of old trucks, old F-series, old Datsuns and Toyotas?  Jake’s short story about his old Datsun truck is a good case for simplicity and “cheapness” of old Datsuns.  Both values that are important to those that rely on a beater to get them where they’re going.

Jake has a Datsun and put it through its paces with his buddy Blake. Check it out:




I got my beater as a parts truck in a deal with another 720. They were gonna swap the motor into the 4×4 but I couldn’t let that happen she had to much character.

She has yet to leave me stranded anywhere, despite always giving it hell.

The funniest time I had with her is when I first got her and we went jumping speed bumps and blew the shocks out.

Well me and my buddy Blake had been out gooning around. Throwing some circles in field and tried some burnouts. As we were headed back to my house we saw one of our buddy’s turn into his neighborhood. So we busted a right and tried to catch him. The first speed table I hit kinda slow, It wasn’t to rough, so the second one i hit with more pep. We bounced in the cab and stopped at the stop sign,  and made the right turn. The next speed table was in front of our buddy’s house. I ran through first and hit second never backing out of it. Hit the bump bottomed out and flew at least half a car length. From there back home it felt like we were riding on a park bench on a skateboards. With sore backs.

Remember kids: “Just because it has to start in the morning doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in it.”



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