10649840_626122170887755_6150889051468045390_nA couple of years ago, in 2013, while I was still working on race cars for a living, a friend and I came up with the idea to start a blog and lifestyle brand that targeted the motorsports enthusiast and general car enthusiast communities.  We didn’t want to be some old website and blog that sold stickers and T-shirts.  We didn’t want to write posts about overly modified cars with girls on top of them.  We wanted to write stories about the normal cars we see everyday.  We wanted to write about beaters!

That dream went stagnate as life continued on. Cody and I separated ways and lost touch with each other.  About 2 months ago (2/’16) I got the bug to finally start BeaterLife.com while helping some old friends build a van for their year long road trip. I contacted Cody and things were off and running. It took guts drive and determination to get here to our 2 month mark, especially considering I’m working another full-time job and going to school full-time while running BeaterLife.com.  It’s taken drive to get here. We’re growing though!

Every week we have a new story. Everyday we have new likes on our Facebook page. Everyday there are new challenges, and with those challenges come learning opportunities and eventually successes.   Everyday takes “Drive.”

Aside from having to develop my previously non-existent photography skills, I had to learn a bit graphic design. We’ve been designing several new logos and graphics that we can use for merchandise in the coming months and my favorite thus far, the one I really wanted to share with everyone, is our #DailyDriven graphic.  #DailyDriven represents so much of what has brought BeaterLife.com this far and will continue to inspire us to keep going long into the future.

#DailyDriven represents the drive that keeps us going, the drive to keep your beater running long past its expiration date, and the pride that comes with owning something that lasts.

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support of our dinky little blog.  “Your Cars. Your Stories.”  That is what we want to share.  That is who we want to connect with.


Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and of course submit your stories and we’ll get them posted!


Keep ’em running and #DailyDriven,

-Mike Miessler

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