Happy Birthday Steve McQueen

There are only a few Hollywood stars that were able to capture both movie goers and car people alike.  Elvis Presley, Paul Newman, James Dean, and Paul Walker were some of the more notable ones that transcended the screen and lived their car culture. They were known as racers, car guys, and hot rodders as much as they were heart throbs, action heroes and singer-dancer types.  The king of them all, though, is Steve McQueenmcqueen trck.

Ever the essence of cool car guy, Steve seemingly had it all. The women, the cars, the bikes and the glory of winning major races like Sebring. Everyone wanted to be Steve and most people still want to be him today.  The motorcycle jump in The Great Escape, the iconic car chase in Bullitt, and his masterpiece about sportscar racing LeMans are how we remember him on screen.  Happy birthday Steve.

He would’ve been 86 today.


Here are some of those famous scenes:


The Great Escape





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