teddy-in-car October 12

The Presidential Beater

I have been struggling to find a way to address the current political elephant in the room. With the Presidential Election only a month away, I finally have to grow a set and write something political. Both of our esteemed candidates have owned very different beaters over the years. Here they are: Let’s start (for […]

van-racing September 30

Hoon The Van

Take Your Hooptie To The Track Every once in a while I think to myself, “Why can’t I track my beater?”  The easy answer is that its stupid and my beater will most likely grenade itself at the apex of Turn One, no matter the track or conditions. I’m also broke, don’t own a decent […]

honda-earth-dreams-engine-name September 21

It’s In The Name

Many manufacturers have practically useless and stupid trim options available. I would love to say that this is a recent occurrence but to be honest it has been happening since the beginning of time.  Some of my favorite Useless Trim Levels  are the “Splash” edition of the Ford Ranger, that whole thing Mazda did with their Millenia “Millennium” edition […]

Spinali and Sentra September 05

R.I.P. Beater.

It has finally happened. Dan Spinali’s Sentra has gone to the Big Garage In The Sky.  A few days ago he posted pics of the sticker-encrusted ( I’m pretty sure those things held it together) Sentra. Along with those pics, we learned that his Sentra could no longer keep it together, literally. It had become more costly […]

Sentra Wont Die August 22

I Told You So!

Wait for it… Here’as another ranting about my old POS Sentra. Well, maybe not a ranting, but certainly  another applause for how stout that little econobox was. Part of what Beaters great, part of what gives them personality, is their seemingly god-like ability to keep running even after we have tried our best, as humans to […]

Datsun Petrolicious August 12

New Datsun Old Datsun

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” – Chuck Dickens I’m not entirely sure how that works into this post or the upcoming video by Petrolicious, but I like it and it fits (maybe?).  Regardless of my efforts to find deep meaning and highlight the obvious juxtaposition here,  this is […]

samsung July 27

“When Will I Learn?”

Trucks, especially old trucks are made differently. They’re stout and built to take a beating.  Up until the ’90s there wasn’t such a thing as a luxury truck.  King Ranch and Denali editions weren’t a thing. Trucks were basic, honest, machines made for getting the job done. Old Ford F100s are iconic work trucks. IT […]