634 December 07

What’s With The Lemon Law?

Let’s play the What If Game: You’ve just signed the paperwork on a brand new car.  All excited about dropping some of your hard-earned dough on a new daily driver, you go out fo a spin after taking delivery. You notice it hiccup slightly as you move through the rev range. You don’t let that kill your […]

47 November 23

Another Volvo Story

Expedition Portal is an incredible site.  It’s a forum, a blog and a community of people that like to explore and get dirty- usually with trucks.  Like I said, usually with trucks, so I’m sure you could understand my surprise when I stumbled across a blog post of theirs that followed a Finnish couple’s journey to […]

unnamed-11 November 21

The Breadbox

It’s no secret that I like old Volvo’s.  I used to be ashamed of it much like my dad used to be ashamed he likes Barry Manilow.  And, just like my dad, I now embrace the weird squares with my dad-like awkwardness. I like to tell myself hat I like Volvo’s for their tank-like reliability. […]

dsc_7834 November 14

Big Bear And Highland Off-Road’s New 4Runner

  Believe it or not, I am not huddled away in the back of a shop or junkyard somewhere smearing my greasy fingers across an old keyboard when I type these posts out. Believe it or not, I do have friends.  These friends live all over America. Most of them are still mechanics while the […]

flying-grand-am November 11

What Did I Just Watch?

We’ve shared several videos with you guys over the last couple months.  Some of them good, some of them pointless. Until recently I was fairly confident that we were batting with a winning average (I have no idea how baseball works), that is until I found this video. I feel obliged to share it because its […]

14671186_755094751299843_5501056021746806824_n October 31

“Absolute Class”

I’ve noticed 2 themes among our beater submissions. Jeeps and Hand-Me-Downs. Jeeps are cheap, occasionally reliable and perform many, some questionable, functions. Hand-Me-Downs, on the other hand, serve one purpose, to be cheap. Cheap isn’t always a bad thing, however. A couple of days ago Ty posted up his Benz on the Facebook page and instantly […]

beater-crx October 28

For The Love Of Chicken Wings

Wherein, Matt Farah drunk-buys a CRX for $500: I don’t think this one needs much more explanation.  I mean I’ve bought weird stuff shopping Amazon after a late night out at the bar too. So, is this really that bad?  At least it’s a beater we love!